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Residential and Commercial Pest Control
Please Note: We DO NOT Offer after hours emergency services

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    • SWAT’s service is outstanding

      SWAT’s service is outstanding. We live by the woods so you can imagine the critters and insects we could get on a daily basis. Not after SWAT… The timely courteous service has made our house pes... more
       "Roni A., North Wales PA."

      SWAT team was always professional

      I have had SWAT as my pest control company for close to 20 years. Anytime I had any issues, the SWAT team was always professional and very prompt in dealing with any concerns. Always courteous and w... more
       "Sandi G., Erdenheim PA"

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    *** Rodent Control Seasonal Special *** Initial indoor treatment, 30 day follow-up and install 6 outdoor stations to directly treat any burrows or holes, then monthly exterior follow-up till March 2023. *** BONUS *** You can roll this into an insect treatment in the Spring through Summer.

    Services: Termite Control

     Termite V Ant No homeowner ever wants to believe their home is being invaded and destroyed by these annoying little pests. Most people believe they have flying ants. And, it’s been our experience here at Swat Pest Control that some people ACTUALLY have flying ants. The rest is, (drum roll, please)… the much dreaded, wood destroying, subterranean termite!

    Even customers who have had a regular service contract with us for years, who believe that it’s not possible because their home is routinely serviced by Swat Pest Control get termites. Most people just think of them as another pest to be treated, pointed out to our technicians and say, “can you treat them?” A termite treatment is much more involved than just spraying. It usually involves injecting specialized chemical into the soil. Do you realize that there are people who have had termites in their house for years and see what they think are flying ants every Spring, treat them themselves with a can of Bug-Be-Gone Zapper or some other nonsense and they go away! What you actually have killed are the termite swarmers. The ones that chew are still very active. And the swarmers will come out again every Spring, you’ll think you have those darn flying ants again, you’ll treat them, and they go away. Viscous cycle!!

    Call us! We will come out and do an evaluation and assessment of your home for a small fee. If it really is flying ants, AWESOME! We can treat them right at the time that we come out for a fee. If termites are found, we will provide a written estimate of the work to be done and the areas of your house that need to be treated. Just don’t try and figure out yourself whether it’s flying ants or termites. Let a Swat Pest Control trained technician advise you and we’ll take it from there!

    General Information for Termite Treatment

    • If it rains heavy and saturates the soil, work may be re-scheduled for another time, depending on weather. We may not know that until the day of treatment. Sometimes we can do the inside work and reschedule the outside work for another time.

    • We would like to be able to back the truck into the driveway to be close to the house.

    • If there are indoor areas that need to be treated, we need everything pulled away from the walls about 3 feet. Also, please move patio furniture or other large items away from the house side walls. Our insurance company forbids us from moving furniture.

    • It will be noisy at times. If it is too uncomfortable, some of our customers prefer to leave shortly after our arrival.

    • We need access to water and electricity.

    • Our technicians clean up after the job is completed if it is called for.

    • There are not any “fumes” or “toxic odors” to be concerned about.

    • Our technicians may be in and out of your home many times during treatment.

    • Please provide the best possible access door.

    • Please do not hover near the technicians. Allow them ample space to do their job!

    • Please be careful of extension cords and hoses that we temporarily stretch out. Please don’t drive over the hoses to equipment.

    • We like animals, but please keep pets away from technicians while we work.

    • We do our work quickly and thoroughly. There is at least an hour or so of preparation at our office before we arrive at your home.

    Learn about Termidor Termite Control

    Swat Total Pest Control has chosen Termidor Termite Control for treatment and prevention of Termites. Their termite treatment products offer a safe and effective solution to control these destructive pests. ... Visit Site ...