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      I’ve been using SWAT for years and find everyone to be professional, timely and always available. I highly recommend their services.
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      SWAT has proven to be responsive, professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, effective!
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    Termite Treatments

    A liquid treatment is guaranteed for one year. We offer an annual renewal for 10 consecutive years. We prefer a liquid treatment for active indoor infestations to get a quick result. We do use the Advance Termite Bait System as a monitoring program. We recommend a baiting program for homes that have been treated by another company years ago or a piece of mind for prevention of termites.

    Other Pest Treatments FAQS

    Q: Are the chemicals safe?

    A. Yes. When mixed and applied properly, they are very safe and have an extremely low toxicity to mammals. It’s only strong enough to kill insects.

    Q: Is it safe for my children and pets?

    A. Yes. Please keep all kids and pets away from technicians while applying and keep off until dry, approximately 20 minutes.

    Q: If I have a baby or am pregnant, is it still safe?

    A. Yes. If you feel more comfortable, you may want to be out during our application. As a “feel good” policy, we suggest all newborns under six months of age, are out during application and until dry.

    Q: Does it smell?

    A. Due to modern technology, most of our products are odorless. You may detect a slight odor depending upon which materials are needed for specific jobs.

    Q: Do I have to leave when you arrive?

    A. If we have to “fog” or “bomb” the house, you will have to vacate for an hour or so and then ventilate upon your arrival.

    Q: Do you guarantee your work?

    A. Yes. We provide a 45 day warranty on most one time treatments for short term relief. A maintenance program may be needed for permanent control.

    Q: Will all the bugs be dead when you’re done?

    A. Unfortunately, not immediately. We advise our customers of a 10 day grace period to let the chemicals do their magic.

    Q: Will you come back if I still have a problem?

    A. Yes, but we ask you wait at least 10 days after the treatment. If the problem persists, we may need to increase service visits.

    Q: I see dead bugs; do I still have a problem?

    A. No. We can kill them, but not disintegrate them too. Also, most pests don’t die instantly. After an insect comes in contact with the pesticide, it absorbs the chemical into their system slowly. That is what keeps the chemicals safe around people and pets.

    Q: How long does the chemical last?

    A. Depending on the formulation needed for control, most sprays last about 90 days before they break down to nothing. Heat, ultra-violet light and moisture eventually neutralize all products.

    Q: If I have a maintenance service, how will I know when it’s time for my next appointment?

    A. Within 2 weeks of your next service, we call you twice and email if possible. If we don’t get a response, we then mail you a postcard. The postcard reads as follows: