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      Harry explains what you can do with a dead Hornets nest.

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      Exceptional Service!
      Ensystex Has Built A Long Lasting Relationship With SWAT Pest Control Centered On Exceptional Service!

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    • SWAT’s service is outstanding

      SWAT’s service is outstanding. We live by the woods so you can imagine the critters and insects we could get on a daily basis. Not after SWAT… The timely courteous service has made our house pes... more
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      SWAT has been the best!

      SWAT has been the best! Scott and the team are always prompt, efficient and determined to get rid of any pest in my house. I have been a customer of SWAT for several years and always recommend them ... more
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    Services: Flea and Roach Control

    In cases of infestation, both flea and roach treatment is best done by use of a fogger ('bomb'). while these can, at first seem dangerous, by following a specific routine in cooperation with SWAT , this can be a minor interruption and within a couple hours, you can return to normal activities with your flea or roach issue resolved.


    Flea treatments are something that we do all year long! The best prevention is to make sure they don’t come into your home in the first place. There are dog & cat flea preventatives sold through your vet that work if they are applied according to directions, in a timely manner, you should not have a problem.

    If not, call us!

    Q: What Must You Do Before Your Home Is Treated For FLEAS?

    • A. Vacuum all rugs, carpets and furniture, especially between and under cushions. Be sure to dispose of vacuum bag when completed.
    • A. Clean and Clear all floors! Floors must be cleared of all objects to give your Pest Control Operator access to all the floor surfaces. Mop all tile and vinyl floors. Sweep all concrete floors.
    • A. Remove Pets! Pets cannot remain in the home during treatment. Fish bowls and aquariums may remain if properly covered, but ask your Pest Control Operator for specific directions.
    • A. Clean Pet Bedding! Wash or dispose of all pet bedding. If laundering, wash pet bedding separately from other linens.

    Q: What Will The Pest Control Operator Do To Treat For Fleas In Your Home?

    A. A fine insecticide spray will be applied to all infected and potentially affected areas. These areas may include carpets, rugs, tiles, furniture, pet bedding, pet resting areas, and under furniture cushions.

    Q: Will All Fleas Die Immediately After Treatment?

    A. Nearly all fleas present will be killed by the time you return home. However, don’t be alarmed if you see some fleas a few weeks after treatment. These fleas are typically newly hatched from their protective pupal case and will be killed by the residual effects

    Q: How Soon Can You Vacuum Following Treatment?

    A. Normal vacuuming can be resumed 24 hours after your home has been treated.


    How to get ready for roach control service.

    • Take everything out of kitchen cabinets, drawers and from under the sink.

    • Stack kitchen items in the living room or dining room and cover with a sheet or drop cloth.

    • Clear off ALL kitchen countertops, the stove and sink.

    • Wipe down counter tops and shelves before treatment.

    • In the bathroom, empty the medicine cabinet and vanity.

    • Please do not wash shelves and drawers until after treatment.

    Be prepared to vacate the premises for a minimum of two hours.
    Be safe: If you think it was accidentally sprayed, wash it!